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31 December 2023

Interview with organisation founder - Camille Schloeffel


Bully Zero

27 October  2023

Year of reckoning: how sexual assault caught up with Australia’s universities

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Australian Financial Review

28 October  2022

Canberra's big hearts on display for Australian of the Year

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31 March 2022

ANU alumni pen open letter on sexual assault and harassment

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The Canberra Times

4 December 2021

Youth Activist Takeover series with Camille Schloeffel


YWCA Canberra

29 April 2021

Canberra idea to support sexual assault victims receives Great Ydeas grant funding from YWCA

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ABC Canberra

Bringing Sexual Violence on Campus to a STOP With Camille Schloeffel


24 November 2023

Ending sexual violence through empowerment, education and activism


Pro Bono Australia

4 November 2022

Presentation on Activism driving prevention on campus -
The STOP Campaign & learnings from overseas


2022 Australasian Universities Safer Communities Symposium

5 April  2022

"It showed the ANU was the worst in the country."

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This Is My Brave Australia Inc.

3 March 2022

ACU students up for ACT Woman of the Year

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Canberra Weekly

Episode 24 - Ostracised For My Own Assaults

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Reclaim Me Pod with Madeleine Heather

Camille Schloeffel: The STOP Campaign Westfield Local Heroes 2019

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Westfield Story

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