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I was awarded the 2020 Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to explore ways activists and universities can work together to prevent sexual violence on campus. I am travelling to the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom from September to December 2022 to undertake this research opportunity to inform reforms in the Australian context. The project aims to identify new, practical ways for universities and activists to work together to prevent sexual violence and make Australian universities safer for all. I will explore the role of activists and the prevention methods they develop in comparison to formal institutional responses to sexual violence.


I am the Founder, Director and Safeguarding Manager of The STOP Campaign. The STOP Campaign is a grassroots organisation and registered not-for-profit dedicated to empowering young people to create and sustain positive sociocultural change regarding sex and sexual violence by starting conversations and breaking down stigmas. The STOP Campaign is focused on tackling sexual violence in Australian tertiary learning communities through empowerment, education, activism and awareness. We are a volunteer-run intersectional feminist organisation that values intersectionality, integrity, respect and passion. 


I am the Director of the Safe Response Toolkit: A Toolkit for Sexual Violence Victim-Survivors and Their Supporters (SRT). The SRT is a physical and online resource that provides information to victim-survivors and their supporters about how to safely respond to sexual violence disclosures and access support services in the ACT. The SRT is available online and has been distributed in hardcopy across the community, targeting legal, medical and education settings.

The SRT provides clear, accurate and easily accessible information about the process of seeking support following an experience of sexual violence. 

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The College Program

I am co-leading The College Program, an initiative of The STOP Campaign. The College Program is a series of peer-led education and advocacy workshops with tertiary students in residential halls to prevent sexual violence and promote sexual wellbeing. Having commenced this project in 2019 and facilitating to over 300 students to date in 2019 and 2020, we are re-launching the Program with support from White Ribbon Australia and funding from the Department of Social Services (DSS), as part of their national Community Action Group Program.

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