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I am an activist, survivor, founder, sexual violence prevention expert, social worker and Churchill Fellow

Work with me


Learn more about my Churchill Fellowship findings, and the people and organisations  I met along the way by reading my blog. 


Learn more about what I do to prevent sexual violence and make a positive difference for victim-survivors.


Learn more about me and my work through my engagements on various media platforms.


I am a survivor-advocate passionate about using activism, awareness, education and empowerment to prevent sexual violence in tertiary learning communities.

By amplifying the voices of victims, survivors, activists and advocates, I believe we can create change at a mass scale. This is why I travelled to the USA, Canada and the UK to explore activism efforts to prevent sexual violence on campus. 

Australia is so far behind, and I hope that my research will contribute positively to the change agenda for the Australian tertiary education sector.

Two zines on a table, the first one: 'Reclaim the Narrative' and the second: 'Revealing Truths and and Breaking Stigmas'.
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